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[Peintres] Anna PUGH

Anna Pugh, « Everglade »

Anna Pugh is a British folk artist, born in Kent in 1938. She has been painting her whole life. Her parents were a vet and a gardener, which set the tone for her artistic direction. Anna is known for her scenes of animals, notably birds, although she sometimes spices her paintings up with a unicorn. Anna also specialises in drawing plants. There may be buildings, such as a magical treehouse. Less often, there will be people. Her paintings are loved for their explosions of colour and detail, weaving a dream, telling a story you’ll never forget. Her style is unconventional, playing with geometry, perspective and colour at every turn. This developed from her early training in graphic design. Her work is extremely popular with American collectors, who love Anna’s style of painting. At The Rose Gallery, we’re pleased to stock a wide range of Anna’s beautiful limited edition prints. With a bespoke frame, they will be enjoyed and cherished for many years.

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2017-08 #VisibleWomen, le hashtag pour les femmes artistes

capture du 20-08-2017

Dans les domaines de l’illustration et du graphisme, comme dans plusieurs corps de métier, la gent masculine est encore largement dominante. Depuis lundi 7 août, le hashtag #VisibleWomen, rassemble sur Twitter des femmes artistes, graphistes, photographes, illustratrices dans le but de mettre en lumière l’étendue de leur talent.

« Les objectifs de cette initiative sont d’augmenter la visibilité des femmes dans notre industrie, et de vous donner du travail« , peut-on lire sur le site de la société de production Milkfed, initiatrice de ce mouvement.

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